Music learning

 for juniors.

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Kids learn new skills best using their right brain.

Recall how they've learned how to cycle, dance, sing... 

Yes, there's no need for rigid instructions!

Once we reduce instructions & increase intuitiveness in music learning,

their passion will be fuelled up and

their highest potential will be reached.

... because, this is how they learn best!

Using the "natural" way

"My son didn't use to enjoy his classical violin classes but now he looks forward to his piano class at Hark Music. Instead of reading scores, he can easily play any songs he likes using chords, rhythmic patterns and his music sense."

Jasmine Lau, 

mum of Jay, 

12 years old

See the big picture

and apply key concepts

to the songs you like.

With the SKT™ approach, the juniors will be able to achieve

a balanced musical sense and express music freely.

They'll love it! ;)


Strengthening rhythm, pitch and expressivity, with calibration exercises.

True holistic approach

Providing them EXPRESSWAY™ methods to improve their technical abilities. 

"Jovi looks forward to the classes because he gets to sing his favourite songs! I've witnessed his musical senses are getting sharper and his voice control improves a lot in such a short time. The best part is he gets to sing on stage, which helps in his confidence!"

Amy Yap, 

mum of Jovi, 

9 years old

Happy people :)

  • Music education today, should be based on Music Making and Listening.
    It can no longer be based on traditional frames because it is not familiar to children of today. 

  • It should be based on Exploration and New Ways of Teaching.
    This is in line with Singapore changing education system which has been heavily talked-about for being overly focused on grades and book smarts.

For Children of Today

Your kids are in good hands!

Research by Finland University.

For 18 years, Hark Music has been the

leading music education centre for learners of today.




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